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8 Things to Know Before Hiking in Hawaii

We love hiking! It's one of our sources of inspiration for creating art. Before going on any hike in Hawaii (or anywhere) just remember a few things...

koko head crater
Koko Head Crater is a popular hike with a spectacular view at the top but there's no shade and the climb to the top can be grueling. Bring water and wear sunscreen!

  • Be courteous. Trailheads are often located in residential areas. Be mindful of the residents. Don't park illegally, don't block driveways, mailboxes, fire hydrants, etc; and don't be loud.

  • Pick up your trash. Help preserve Hawaii's natural beauty by not trashing the trails. If you have a dog bring waste bags to pick up after it and bring an extra bag to put those waste bags and other trash into. Most trails don't have trash cans so be prepared to carry your trash with you.

  • Stop at a Restroom. Some trails have restrooms at the trailhead. Most don't. Plan accordingly.

  • Wear sunscreen. The UV Index in Hawaii is the highest in the US. It won't take long to get painfully sunburned. Wear 50 SPF or greater to protect your skin.

  • Bring mosquito repellant. You'll find mosquitoes on every trail in Hawaii, especially the trails with streams or waterfalls.

  • Stay hydrated. Hydration backpacks. Are. The. BEST! They can store plenty of water, snacks, trash, and help reduce plastic waste (in the form of water bottles).

  • Wear proper shoes. Trails often get muddy and slippery and, if you're hiking to a waterfall, you're likely to be crossing streams and hiking over slick boulders. Wear comfortable shoes with plenty of aggressive tread.

  • Stay safe. Some hikes in Hawaii can be treacherous. Don't hike an area you're not totally comfortable hiking.

If you can't make it out to Hawaii for a hike, we'd be happy to send a piece of Hawaii out to you! Visit our shop to see all our made-in-Hawaii signs. Mahalo!

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